What's up, Doc?

I have a doctor’s appointment today. Actually, because of our lovely health care system, I wasn’t able to get a “doctor” to see me until the end of September so I had to settle on a nurse practitioner. I stand corrected, I have a nurse practitioner’s appointment today. Damn HMOs. At this point I would rather pay full price to see a doctor if I were assured she’d take me more seriously. I’m tired of the Wal Mart style in practicing medicine. I have little faith.

There are some work things I must catch up on in order for me to leave for a few hours this afternoon. I’ll post more shortly.


  1. I saw a nurse practitioner instead of my real doctor for what must have been about 4 years. She was the best. So much better than all the real doctors at this one practice.

    She use to work at a woman’s clinic in the city, and told me this crazy story of pulling a handgun out of a woman’s vagina. She was no joke.

    Maybe she will be cool?


  2. The thought crossed my mind, that she’d be cool and really into what she does which is, I guess why, I agreed to it. :]

    We’ll see, eh?

    A gun? What the hell? Damn.


  3. yeah she was so hardcore but so damn nice and patient. The best doctor i had ever seen. Even weirder is that she was also rachels doctor and we didn’t even know it until about a year later.


  4. and for the record, YES, she was also my doctor, but that NO, that gun story was not about me.


  5. ha!

    Holy cow, hadn’t even occurred to me! So funny. :]


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