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I’m walking home from work, it’s a Thursday. I have 5 videos in a bag dangling from my arm, it’s one of the perks about working there, free movies and Swedish Fish. The snow started falling at 9 a.m. It’s now 5. People are climbing out from their corners, headed for the bars, headed for houses, headed for snow shovels, cocktails, conversations and nights which end in sloppy kisses.

(I think of White Russians, fire places, Adam’s Apple and how most people look best under firelight and how the northeast is really the only place for me, nature must wear winter).


My headphones introduce me to daily, music videos. To and from class and work, I write new versions for MTV and VH1. They’ll never be seen, I know this, but they’re amusing and pass the time. In this video there are people shoveling into a new snow fall and it’s still falling. And I am watching and laughing, knowing full-well I have to do the same once I reach home. But that’s ok because classes have been cancelled and I have 5 videos to see me into Friday. People seem happy when they allow life to live them for a bit. And the sudden blizzard has done this. I watch my feet fumble on uneven snow mounds, I watch them sink into sudden, slushy puddles. Someone throws a snowball at a stranger, arms flail, it’s suddenly whiter. There is so much laughter. I pause this. I listen to life for a bit.

(I remember hot cocoa as a kid and sledding. I know I just missed cracking my head open about 301 times off of 303 trees. Reckless, we were as kids. There was a profound forgiveness for our self-proclaimed invincibility. It came from somewhere, it grew from something. There was much more hope it seemed, and as with every new, white blanket of snow before the cars come by and muck it up, things are right now and right here and untouched and suddenly entirely possible).

Here is a snapshot.

(4.3 mgs) Love Spit Love

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