Ten Things I Like About People I Don't Know. (In no particular order).

1). Girls who in the morning have wet hair.

2). That after the 3rd time something small sets off a highly sensitive car alarm, the situation is moved into highly amusing and they are forced to laugh.

3). Their ability to overlook the embarrassing.

4). That the cops who sit on our corner trying to deter the selling of crack, have set up lawn furniture.

5). That some people let you merge.

6). They notice you’re there.

7). They notice you’re not there.

8). They notice things aren’t well, empathize, and react even before you pass out on public transportation.

9). The asking of questions, especially if they can’t stop staring.

10). The puffy, fresh, vulnerable look everyone has in the morning. You just want to fluff ‘em up like pillows.

And you? What do you like about people?


  1. In small towns and cities (like my hometown), I love it when people wave at you on the road when they don’t know you. Or say “hi” while you pass each other walking.


  2. I just realized, maybe they’re all drunk.


  3. ha ha ha!

    No, actually, I like that when you’re a hiker or a biker or something “specific” and you pass another person in said situation they always wave.

    When I drove a Volvo, other volvo drivers waved. I like that too.


  4. People who say, “Good morning”.

    On the way home yesterday I was thinking about those fuckos who feel the need to lay on their horns when they’re driving in the city (similar to those people who huff & puff as if you’re in their way on the subway platform), and I thought, “does it really make them feel better to express their own agitation & nastiness towards total strangers?” I mean, really, where is the benefit? I don’t feel better when I’m being bitchy. And when I saw and/or hear, “Good morning”, I’m happy, if only for 5 minutes.


  5. i walk past an elementary school every morning and i really like the little kids.

    but especially i like it when i see a parents happily being good parents.

    monday one man was ‘racing’ his daughter up the hill caught her up and hugged her when they finished.

    there’s a woman i see everyday who full on talks to her son and daughter. no singsong voice, just a talkative mom.

    i also like the kids when they’re street smart enough to walk a little faster when i smile at them, because I know I’m nice, but i’m a stranger. say it class “STRANGER!”


  6. hey, meant to ask, were you sick this morning? re: #8


  7. nope

    I was referring to a story from a few years ago.


  8. whew. you need to be in top for to take your test. :)


  9. i like that even though most people don’t talk to strangers on the subway, if you were to (hypothetically, of course) spill some of your iced coffee on your lap- someone will usually offer you a napkin.


  10. We’re not permitted to consume anything on the DC metro system. And sometimes, I have to admit, I hate this rule. And then other times when I remember Greenpoint and the G train and the number of freakish incidents where I was forced to witness some neanderthal and their Bam-Bam offspring consume chicken wings, thighs and legs while hot sauce dripped from their lips, It’s those memories where I thank the DC government.

    But I miss my morning commuter coffee. Damnit.


  11. oh my god. i would totally give up my morning commuter coffee in exchange for never having to watch and/or hear people eating on the subway. sounds so nice…


  12. I thought you might say that given your hatred for chewing with the mouth open and all. Love it!

    I hear ya. I hate gum for that reason. No one should have to hear, smell or witness that kind of behavior. :]


  13. i like it when people get excited to see you, even if they just saw you the day before.


  14. Teenagers who are punk, or Goth, or just different looking always make me smile.
    People walking their dogs.
    The old farmers who sell their vegetables and fruit in rural places on side of the road from the back of their pickups.


  15. i like when little kids walk around holding hands. always makes me smile. actually i like it when anyone is holding hands… it’s just nice.


  16. Old farmers selling food is the poo. I miss that most about living in Pennsyltuckey. Sometimes. Sometimes I miss other stuff. Like everything else.


  17. Missy…on the good morning thing…there was this consultant I worked with in a previous job that said that regardless of the time of day. 10 pm and you call him…”Good Mooooooorning”, he said that it was his way of brightening everyone’s day.

    I am a big fan of people who have manners…like giving up your seat on the Metro for an elderly person or pregnant woman, people who hold doors and allow everyone else to get on the elevator first, people who use the term “excuse me” when they almost knock you over in their mad dash to get the train…


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