1. after all that crap at dinner about “no, fine, you go play pool, i’m going home” you still went with him to the pool hall?

    i don’t know if that’s sweet or sad…



  2. Ass pants girl sucks.


  3. And I’ll bet she blows, too.


  4. Asspants Girl. Ha ha.


  5. ha ha ha

    blows too.

    she probably has… what are they called? DSLs? I hate that term. And i just used it.



  6. ha ha…without a doubt she blows too. I hate those little purses. I could guess her profession, but you already probably know what I’m thinking.


  7. I was just about to comment on those little purses.


  8. You should have heard her voice. Dear cow, it make my lips curl much like when I eat too much salt.


  9. nifkin – it was actually michele who insisted we go out.

    as for the photos:

    me—i, obviously, need to work on my stroke, as there are at least two photos showing my cur pointing up instead of parallel or down, which means i was shooting like a drunk little kid.

    asspants—i always wonder about thost “i sat in bleach” designs on super tight pants, curious whether it’s to make skidmarks more visible, or to give you a way of bleaching them out without ruining the “style” of your jeans

    andrea—she wanted that drink since the day she was born

    nifkin—there’s nothing to say. the GNR thing was about all i could come up with, too


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