Snow day

Getting to work today reminded me of when I had my impacted wisdom teeth pulled from the depths of my jaw and I threw up for two days and spent the next two weeks wishing life were easier, that if I was to be forced into going out again and acting “normal”, I could chew and talk and sleep and brush and live as I once had. The bus system today performed a half-assed attempt at trying to get as many displaced individuals onto it as possible, leaving us normal bus people angry and shocked. It was impossible to climb over the giant snow-plow pushed mounds along the edges of the street, I walked nearly a block out of my way before finding an opening, missing two busses and landing on my butt once. See, now why were we asked to go out in this? It’s like a pathetic dress-rehearsal where everyone forgot their lines.


The bus driver screamed.

WE can’t GO any further man! CHILL!

One passenger answered finally. And he was right.

I’ll show you CHILL?! You want off this bus? You’ll soon know CHILL!

And then a fight nearly broke out between the driver and the man in back, a verbal fight, because of distance I don’t think anything more could happen.

And now, if it ices by evening, I have to head back by bus. Please tell me they’ll get the hang of it, or at the very least, the driving commuters will either leave early or throw in the towel and take cabs.

During all of this, I read this on a bumper-sticker:

It takes balls to neuter your pet.

I neutered my pet.


  1. The snow problem in DC is the only thing that got Mayor Marrion “The Bitch set me up” Barry voted out of office.

    Streets weren’t plowed for about a month in sections of the city that didn’t vote for him. That meant no trash pick up and limited mail delivery for a month.

    It’s better now, but it’ll probably be worse heading home than what it was this morning.



  2. at least your car has 4wd, right, rob? be careful out there. from what i can tell, people forgot how to drive during their two days not being behind the wheel…


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