Nothing doing

What a nice weekend. On Friday I put a Zipcar on hold and Toby and I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. We spent a lot, but it was worth it. I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately, so we bought some bulk chocolate chips and flour and the like. Jason popped over around 10 p.m. and invited us up to watch a tape of Eddie Izzard. So funny. We laughed and laughed and then, around 1 a.m. I layed my head down on Toby’s lap and I fell asleep. It was of no fault of the company or the comedian, I was just so beat.
Saturday I baked. I made chocolate pie with silken tofu and some banana, chocolate chip muffins. So good, if I must say so myself. Toby made some veggie chili and we played Scrabble.
Yesterday, we put another Zipcar on hold and went shopping. Somehow we ended up at Target where we spent over 200 dollars. Good times. I finally got some plants. We bought some cake pans, a food processor, some new, yellow towels, some catnip, and other junk I’m sure we never knew we needed. We ate at the Flat Top Grill and headed home to prepare some eats and to watch TV, a Sunday evening ritual. And I have to say, the Behind The Actor’s Studio with the cast of the Simpsons made me laugh like and idiot. So good. So amazingly entertaining. Some of the most intelligent, funny people alive.
And now I’m here. I have some left overs from last nights dinner, Shepherds Pie, veggie style and some muffins for breakfast. I have my coffee and a list of things to do today. Work is poopie pants. I want home.

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  1. Dress to Kill still makes me pee myself. I’ve seen it about twelve times. “Ou est la sange? La sange est sur la branche.”

    Inside the Actor’s Studio was also a joy, wasn’t it?


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