Georgia. Ok, so here’s the update:

1). Toby’s sister is like my mother; Completely and totally kind and selfless to a point of near fault. I am amazed at people like this and totally envious of their position and determination in making people around them happy (or at the very least content and comofortable). Kudos to the two of them for not being crushed by now.

2). It does get cold down south.

3). Bowling is the new roller rink.

4). Damn my sense of smell. Can I have it removed?

5). Here, the distance from here to there is never as far is it may appear. And no one in DC needs a car. You’re all crazy for thinking so.

6). Small, gray cats are cool. And babies are pretty neat too. (Though, I am not sure I could do it. Ever).

7). TobyJoe becomes more amazing to me every day. And somehow I returned liking him even more than I had when I left. That’s not to say I didn’t already love him then, just that it’s actually possible for gratitude and respect to keep growing. I wish there was a chip people could install in order to make them realize how important it is to not lose sight on the most important part of this life, which is merely just living.

8). Due to the book Fast Food Nation, I have given up Subway and eating all together.

It was great seeing Shelly again. And Noah’s getting big. I’ll download the pictures as soon as I meet a lull here at work.


  1. oversize brown/black tabbies with white feet & bellies are cooler.



  2. Now you’ve done it! Jealousy rears its ugly head.


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