I'm back

We’re going to Georgia tomorrow to visit Toby’s sister. We were going to drive until Amtrak announced their amazing deals. So as it stands we’re taking a train down. The total for both of us (roundtrip) was/is 129.00. Pack a lot of books, a lot of music, charge up the iPod and fill the cooler, we’re on our way coach style, upright and feeling groovy. I’m sure to need a chiropractor after this trip. It’s worth it though, flying is horrid. And unless it’s overseas and there are not boats, I’m staying grounded.
I’m writing to catch up a bit and I have to empty my camera and prepare for the taking of more pictures. So I’ll have some images in a few. The images span the last three weeks (since New Years Eve) so they’re kind of all over the place. Ah well.
We saw About Schmidt which I loved. I’m still stuck on the beef, speech and cow undertone of the film, I can’t seem to place why. I loved one scene in particular; Hummels a white, trailor top, two candles, and some motion. So friggin good. Truly. And I cried, as usual. I nearly always do during movies. :] I’ll write more about that soon. This week it’s The Hours and The 25th Hour I hear great things about both. More shorlty…


  1. I’d wait for DVD for The Hours if I were you.

    As for 25th Hour, I’m hoping to see it again, as the more I think about it, the more I like it. Well done, Spike Lee.


  2. You know, I thought of you while watching About Schmidt and all the cow/beef cutting that was going on. Not to mention Kathy Bates in the nudies. Mooooo. (not that I’m one to talk, but my ta-tas do not hang as bad as hers) Ew.


  3. Well, we can’t all look like supermodels, can we?


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