not much doing

Last night I met Toby at Bedrock again for some pool playing. It was great as many of our friends showed up to throw some darts as well. I even saw someone I hadn’t seen in over two years who came out to chat with the bartender. It was a good time. Smokey, but good. I played darts against Scott, Michael and Tim and lost by about 175 points.
I am feeling a bit better today. I cut out my morning coffee to avoid feeling too jumpy, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m drinking green tea instead.
I really don’t have much to say right now and I forgot my cord again, so I can’t upload any pictures. Damnit. :]


  1. Sounds like fun. Are these your “cute” boy friends? hee. ;)

    I’m a fan of old fashion cork dart boards. There was a place in Milwaukee called Wolski’s that had them, and I haven’t found a place in Detroit that’s had them yet. :(


  2. I think I have to be drunk to play darts. I sucked last night. :] But it was fun last night.


  3. you do a lot of that “pool” thing. i think it’s an obsession, have you thought about seeing a therapist?…


  4. i’ll be at bedrock at 4pm today, nifkin, in case you want to send a therapist over.

    just make sure he plays 9-ball.


  5. well, i took psych101 in college, but my car is in columbia as SOMEONE’S coughANDREAcough wouldn’t start this morning so i gave them my keys…

    this apartment is getting more boring all the time…


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