Word Association Game

Word Association Game:

How to play: I’ll say a word or phrase, you tell me the FIRST thing you think of. (NO CHEATING!) I’ll put the word in the comments section.

Ready? Good. Be honest.


  1. Alternative Music Videos


  2. a metal/hardrock show show on MTV in the nineties?


  3. Ricki Rachtman (sp?)

    I guess that was headbangers ball…


  4. 120 Minutes = that assholey guy who used to host it. What was his name? One time, we saw him at The Ritz and my boyfriend kicked him.


  5. My Bloody Valentine in concert almost made my ears bleed.

    I loved it. Still have my old battered torn up Loveless t-shirt from that show. Someone tried to buy it off me a few years ago at some other show for $50, but that meant walking around without a shirt on for the rest of the night, and I was clearly not going to offend the populace with my bony pale chicken chest.

    The Shoe-Gazing Scene, we hardly knew ye.


  6. Dave Kendall! He wore a toupe – I saw footage of some one pulling it off.
    I’m glad your boyfriends kicked him freakgirl.

    But do you remember Kevin Seal?? I loved him.

    Sorry, mihow – we are not playing your game, just having a late twenty-something nostalgia trip.


  7. Kevin Seal was the one whose eyes were always squinty? I lurved him too.


  8. Dave Kendall may have been a pompous prick, but when he was in charge of that show it was really really good.

    After he was booted and it was renamed Alternative Nation, it began to suck.

    Okay, I’ll try to start Michele’s game again:



  9. No need to apologize. Talk away. I can’t believe what you folks remember. It’s awesome!


  10. Orange Julius Fries.

    (Kevin Seal was cute and squinty. And a smartass.)


  11. was there ever anything weird in an orange julius? Man, they were tastey. I think. I dunno, it’s been a while. I think I drank the strawberry ones.

    Nico, doing anything fun for you birthday?


  12. 120 Minutes – MTV alternative video show on late at night – one of the only places to see good videos in the mid-80s. Did the bald guy with the raspy voice ever host that one in the 90s?

    And I liked Kevin Seal too.

    CheezWiz – delicious!


  13. CheezWiz always reminds me of some director (David Fincher, I think)who always has to have Cheezwiz on the set and often sends his assistant out at 2 Am to get more.


  14. There was a Road Rules episode (Road Rules 2, I think) where the kids worked on the set of a Chris Farley movie and they made them go out in the middle of the night to get Chris a particular sort of Cheez Whiz. Just to fuck with them.

    These are the things that stick in my brain. Help me.


  15. Orange Julius was made with some sort of strange powder. For some reason as a kid I thought it was made from ground up bones so I never drank them. Also in the pre-slamonella days you could get a raw egg in it (like Rocky) and that grossed me out too. The fries were delicious though.

    I don’t know what I’m doing for the Bday, thanks for remembering though. I was hoping to be taken away on a whirlwind trip somewhere, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I’m looking for last minute deals though.


  16. Orange Julius rocks. To this day, my wife tries to get me to take her to Target with the bribe of an Orange Julius from the mall if I don’t act up.

    Kennedy hosted Alternative Nation for awhile as well. I found her attractive and repulsive all at the same time.

    The funniest thing on MTV to this day is when Vanilla Ice was on a show hosted by John Stewart, Jenneane Garafollo and Dennis Leary. They were removing his video Ice Ice Baby from rotation and he agreed to be on the show, but then went nuts and started smashing things with a mic stand. Jeneane dove behind a sofa to get away from him with Stewart screaming “NO ICE!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!”

    I almost peed my pants.


  17. the wierd powder in an orangejulius, i beleive, was ‘powdered egg whites’. my ex told me this once and she tends to know just about everything so i have no reason to doubt her (and for the record i’m not being scarcastic). she’s also the one who turned me on to your site so there’s some added credibility for her.


  18. I think Chris Kattan was on that “worst video” show as well. He shriked when Vanilla went ape-shit. But that’s what happens when you invite a guy on a show annointing his video as one of the worst ever on MTV.

    And Kennedy was attractive and repulsive. Wonder what happened to her?


  19. You’re right, I forgot about Chris Kattan screaming like a school-kid. God that was hysterical.

    As for Kennedy, I think she started a talkshow on Comedy Central or something like that just recently.

    “All right stop! Collaborate and listen! Ice is back with a brand new edition!”


  20. Uh… Dubstyle? Did you say those nice things about me, because you knew I’d come across them here? Hee. You’re so funny. You’re the best ex a girl could want. And I mean that in the nicest way.

    Happy Birthday Nico! And yes, it’s powdered egg whites, not bones, in an Orange Julius. It’s got to be powdered, though. That’s what give an Orange Julius it’s Orange Julius-ness.


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