Online Bill

Online payments are cool. I pay my credit card bill online. Basically whenever I have any extra couple hundred bucks laying around (ha ha ha) I put it towards that. It feels so good just clicking a button and it’s done. Done. Money = gone. That’s good stuff. It’s like it was never mine to begin with. :] (Lately, the best part is this: I do actually have an extra couple hundred bucks laying around, the feels pretty good even if it’s gone right away).


  1. You are so lucky. ;)
    Glad you’re so smart with your money.


  2. yeah! so could you come over here and explain to dutch banks that they can ease up already with the crazy security measures. either you need 4(!) codes of 6 or 7 digits(!) and netscape 4.7 or a PC (!)(Strangling myself) to be able to use online banking here. I have gotten SO angry over this bullshit that I even wrote letters(!) about it. so unlike me. I then received a phonecall in which the lady kindly explained that, “they decided not to have it work on a mac”. Now that is DUTCH SERVICE for ya at it’s best. boy oh boy.

    don’t get me started, don’t EVEN get me started…


  3. I am so not smart with money. I was dumb with money, that’s why I’m where I am now.

    But all will be good soon. :]

    Arjen, you’re funny. :]


  4. Yeah, but you’re on your way to being smart with it. I sometimes forget to pay the cable or phone bill (not to the point where they turn off the service or anything), and am just cringing to think if that shows up on my credit report when I’m trying to buy a house, and they won’t let me. This is the shit I worry about.


  5. Megan,

    I don’t believe utilities count on your credit report, but best not to take a chance.

    And if they let me and Melissa buy a house, anyone can get a mortage.

    But be very careful with paying off credit cards, being over thirty days late on those babies will bite you in the ass.


  6. Thanks, Robert. I don’t have older siblings, so if I turned to my mom and dad with that question, all I would’ve ended up with was a lecture and a “I gotta go” hang up to them. Thanks, I’ll be more careful.


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