Soung's Party and Georgia Browns

So tired. Last night we went to an election party at a local design firm who creates direct mail for many Democratic candidates across the United States. I worked for them a bit and so we were invited to attend their festivities. The party started at 7 p.m. so we went out for some dinner first. We ate here. I had some fake chicken dish and Toby had the sampler. It was all pretty good. The mashed potatoes were amazing. We arrived to the party by 7:30. And we met this guy. He was just super tired and liked to sleep and look around and then sleep again. He’s an American Bulldog. He’s cute. We watched people eat. We ate some cookies and chips. I drank some beers. Toby had water with lime. We chatted. I told a story with no point which ended in my saying,

Why did I start saying this again?

Toby answered,

We have no idea

Anyway, we kicked around there until about 10:30 and then took a cab home. I have pictures. Booze isn’t pretty on me. I’ll stick to my newly acquired taste for Grape Kool-Aid. That is all for now.


  1. Beer is good.

    That dog is the cutest thing ever. Can I take him home, pleeease?

    And, finally, I had some Gardenburger riblets last night, and holy crap, they were good!


  2. was this SDG? cause it’s funny that i never get invited to anything there anymore.


  3. No. No one works there anymore.


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