For those of you who like that stuff called code and like to chat it up with other geeks who like code Toby has launched a very informative website called There are some very helpful people on there; Some bright folks indeed. Anyway, they can help you with problems and such. :]
I am creating its sister site called It will be similar in nature but will be primarily for print designers. Toby was kind enough to hook me up with the goods. It will go live soon. It will aid designers who have questions about 4-color process, printing, software questions (QuarkXpress, InDesign, Illustrator, etc), pretty much anything. I would love suggestions. Eventually, I would also like to create a database of contacts. So if you’ve worked with certain printers etc. who you either recommend or can’t stand, please email me their information. I’m always looking for new contacts, and I’m sure others are as well. Feedback is welcome.


  1. This is a very cool idea. i’d love to waste some time on that site. I tried to do something similar with altho that was mostly an alumni site but people are generally to lazy to get involved)

    It would be even doper if it could be expanded to Broadcast design for example. Since most skills you use in Print are also used in other areas, like Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Not to mention DESIGN skills (one would almost forget.

    Does it aim to solve/discuss design dilemma’s as well as technical and contact/vendor issues?

    It would be dope to post, say 2 options you can’t choose between for discussion or other design dilemma’s.


  2. Arjen, I would love to have you involved. I want people to mediate the site; People within the field. It would be great to have folks from many different disciplines in order to get the best and most diverse information possible. I have already one person (a production guy named Randy) to take care of printer issues and such. He has so many contacts and knows so much about the printing process I figured he’d be a great addition on the technical side.

    So if you would like to add what you know and I’ll add what I know and Randy and whoever else will add what they know, I think we could really create a useful tool. :] I’m really excited about the possibilities as Mr David Carson was full of poo when he said Print is dead.

    Like I said, I’m looking for volunteers and ideas and whatever. I want to create a tool.


  3. Yeah excellent. I’m no guru but I have worked in print, interactive (w/ mr toby), and broadcast so I think I got a certain range of experience.

    And if print was dead, mr. carson would not have had a career. but he knows that.
    He explained it to me once what exactly he meant by that at a symposium, but I forgot. Lol. Ain’t that something.


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