The West Wing

Yesterday I went to the Chophouse for Doc’s birthday. Doc is a girl who works here. She’s one of the “cooler” folks. That’s not her real name, but that’s what some call her. That’s what I’ll call her. She told me all sorts of stuff about the place I now work. One of the things she told me was about how the president of our organization (who’s name I won’t mention and who I never ever really see as this place is HUGE) was, at one time, GW Bush’s roommate at Yale. Apparently they’re good buddies. I can’t really say more about this as it could get me into some bit of trouble (not that I know what kind of trouble), but I found it odd. I’m one degree of separation away from GW Bush (or is it two?). So I think I’ll ask him out for Krispy Kreme and I’ll ask him some questions about stuff about things. Indeed. Apparently, things change here drastically depending on who’s president. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years. Not sure why I’m bringing this up… so that will be all about that and now I’ll talk about America’s real life president, President Josiah Bartlet.
Now, I’m not one degree away from Josiah Bartlet, but I did finally get sucked into the show. We’re only three episodes into it and I find the acting, the sets, and the dialogue to be mesmerizing. I think Toby put it well,

I like to see them walk around. [they’re saying] ‘This is how we get things done. See? We’re getting things done. Watch us get things done and walk around.’

I’m not sure what’s going on yet, but I like this show. We need the writers at NBC to write our presidents’ speeches.


  1. Did anyone read “The Onion” this week? I loved the article titled, “Kevin Bacon linked to Al-Qaeda” and then the whole 6 degrees of separation thing. So so funny.
    Sorry, your blog reminded me of that today…


  2. Don’t be sorry. I did not. But I will now. Damn that newspaper rules.


  3. That Kevin Bacon thing nearly had me in tears, and I couldn’t believe no one had made that joke sooner.

    The West Wing is smartly written, and even more smartly filmed because dialogue flies around so quickly, but I really only care about C.J. because she RULES! Sam & Josh (especially Josh) annoy the crap out of me because at least once per episode they cease being characters and become mouthpieces for Sorkin’s politics.

    But I do long for the day when a Ph.D. Economist not only decides to run for President, but wins.


  4. funnier, still: the degree just before reaching al queda looks like molly ringwald


  5. On degrees of separation and Yale: my ex-girlfriend’s
    her was roommates with John Tesh while both were attending Yale. Apparently they (the
    her and others) had some folky-Simon-and-Garfunkel-esque band and Tesh was always trying to play with them, but they didn’t really want to hang out with him.


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