I’ll vote for the first person, Democrat or Republican, who can


From Toby:

looks like earthlink isn’t releasing our line. they claim we placed an order on it and they have stake on the line. even though they can’t sell us service, they aren’t letting a competitor do so.

they have to release it in a month or something like that. i’m on with covad now. they are pissed at earthlink, too.

also, it sounds like we may not qualify after all.

this is a nightmare, haha.

I can’t believe this. It’s almost laughable.


  1. Seriously, I send you a fruit basket and I’ll email you a large, digital picture of my face in a “kissy-face” pose every damn day if you can get me some DSL. I just don’t believe this.


  2. verizon installed a ‘digital loop device’ on our line to extend it to others so they can piggyback existing hardware. they also randomly installed fiber instead of copper, so we can’t get DSL on this line at all.

    thing i wonder is whether Verizon would switch our motherfucking line, put us on one of the MANY line in the building that DO qualify for DSL.

    the covad gal was super nice, answered every question, and suggested competing alternatives—something neither Verizon or Earthlink were willing to do.

    thing is, cable broadband doesn’t exist in our building… so we’re stuck with having to move if we want DSL, since there is no way Verizon is gonna come out and do some modernization.


  3. Yes, I’m thinking that’s not an option.

    Well, I guess we should call the cable company soon and find out the status on that. I’m sort of afraid to do that, on the off chance we aren’t supposed to have active cable right now. What if we lose it all?! Then I’ll really have to take up knitting. This is stupid. What year is this? Where do we live? Who are we dealing with? Ridiculous.


  4. Are you ready to talk?


  5. yessir. I’ll call you. When is good for you? When are you there?

    btw: the “can you hear me now” email made me snort. :]


  6. The fact you snorted made me snort. :)

    You can call me anytime. Now is good.

    As I said before, I can’t promise you anything, but I think I can get you the real answers as to why not and maybe when. Fair?

    Do you still have my number?


  7. Yes, I do still have your number, indeed.

    No, I’m sure you can’t promise anything. I am sure we’re shit out of luck on this one. But, I guess some answers would be nice. I’ll bug Toby and make sure I have my facts right before I call as he’s the knowledgeable one in this area. I’m just a peon.

    I have to finish some stuff first. :]

    Work? hehe


  8. Never say never.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  9. Hooray! Let the conference between the two begin! This is almost as exciting as a UN Meeting. Let us know when there is peace between you two.


  10. my mom is thinking about using DirectTv’s satelite internet setup,dunno if they have that here or not though…
    plus they sorta screwed me when i cancelled my subscription, but another option maybe.


  11. directv bband is still just dsl, i believe.


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