Verizon Update

Here we go again. I have (yet another) Verizon story. I am trying so hard to leave out superlatives. Friday, Toby calls Verizon to find out why we haven’t received our DSL as it was to be turned on that day. No big deal, we’re thinking it might not happen until Monday considering everyone likes to wait till the last minute to do their job, especially at Verizon and even more so on a Friday. (We had also called a week earlier to check on the order assuring that everything was still ok. Not a week ago, all was fine). So on Friday the guy tells Toby we can’t get DSL but that they didn’t know that until their little pukemuffin came down to our neighborhood box and check the situation out. So this assmunch tells us there are too many Verizon customers (good for you, shitbags) and that we can’t get it and that he’s sorry but the only thing we can do is to KEEP ORDERING it until one day the pukemuffin will come to us and say,

It’s 2036, you now how DSL.

So Toby asks the “sales” representative why we have to receive new Verizon software and a DSL modem each and every time we “order” service and even before the pukemuffin comes out to say we can’t get it as every time this happens, we have to make a special trip to the Post Office to return said shitty Verizon equipment for services they can’t even render. He continues by asking the guy why they can’t just keep track of their customers so that we can get the service as soon as it’s available. The guy says,

This is the way we do it. There’s no way of knowing until we send one of our minions down there to tell you ‘NO!’

We have no DSL. We have new Verizon software, but no DSL. We called Covad and are hoping it works out there. It looks good. I hope so.
Please, my small viewing audience, please tell people NOT to give Verizon any of their money. They are possibly to WORST company I have ever dealt with. But perhaps this is a blessing in disguise as to having never give them another penny again. Seriously, if you can, just say no. Let them become better first.

(And I’m going to start linking Verizon in hopes that at least one possible customer will find this shit via Google and not give them their business).


  1. Wow. I am really sorry. They SUCK.

    You should write letters to their corporate headquarters. You should call the news and get their local consumer guy to do a story on what bitches they are.


  2. YES. We have a “Call Ruth to The Rescue” on our local tv station, and she solves these sorts of consumer problems. Plus you get to be on TV. Woop! I love watching the “bad guys” sweat it out.


  3. Oh, and by the way.





  4. yeah, i have NO IDEA.

    Long day. :[


  5. Okay, see, you don’t know me from Adam Pukemuffin. But the thing is, I work for Verizon. And I can’t promise a single damn thing, but if I can get some information, I might be able to make a few calls on your behalf. I feel your pain.


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