Annies Mac and cheese

Today I had Annie’s instant Mac and Cheese for lunch. And I also had a little bit of leftover dinner from last night. Chinese food. Organic. It took them 1.5 hours to deliver it but it was sooooo worth the wait.


  1. Yee haw – instant annie’s mac and cheese? I am so there.

    My lunch was tofu turkey, swiss cheese, tomato and “nayonaise.” It was delish. I had quite a time in the “soy” department at the grocery this weekend. The geekboy and I are trying to really cut down on our consumption of meat. So far so good.


  2. toby eats nayonaise all the time. Do you like? I have yet to get into it. I think I’m just scared. Good? What do you think?


  3. nifkin has that in his fridge.
    i tried it.
    it looks funny.
    i didnt like it.

    but im not generally a big mayo-girl


  4. it looks funny.

    FEH! it’s fine, i mean it’s not QUITE the same as the real thing, but it’s good enough for sandwiches and such…

    now if you’ll excuse me SOMEONE still didn’t hide the halloween candy like she was asked to so there are mini rice krispie treats to be had…


  5. I think it’s nummy. Has a taste of dijon mustard to it. I LOOOOOVE mayonnaise. My new attempt at eating healthier/lower
    is to not cut out my favorite things entirely, but to try to substitute alternatives every other time.

    Anyway, yeah, I like it. It goes nicely with cheddar cheese and crusty bread, in my opinion.


  6. oh, yeah, i’ve got a jar of the dijon mustard one too. andrea’s one in question is the low-
    plain nayonnaise…


  7. Well, hot damn, I will try it tonight. How is it with eggs? I also love cucumbers with vinegar and mayonnaise (don’t knock it till ya try it) I bet it’d work with that as well….

    damn, getting hungry again. :[

    nifkin, y’all are too cute.

    ::pinches cheeks::


  8. Sorry, I meant to say that I have the Dijon Style Nayonaise.


  9. I tried one of these “tofu helpers” as I call them, but I couldn’t get into it. I got sick of it right away, and am afraid all tofu will have that after-taste effect on me. :( So, I go back to being a carnivore.

    Except for Morningstar products. It freaks me out it tastes so much like the real deal.


  10. and since we’re discussing veggie food…last night we went to Zen Palate, mihow.

    I had nummy nummy SWEET AND SOUR SENSATION! WOOP!


  11. we need a big “how to cook tofu” class around here or something, that’s what manages to screw everybody up it seems…



  12. I’m all for the class. I’m all bummed, ‘cause I had high aspirations of going veggie. :/


  13. I agree, nifkin. Toby does it very well—cooks tofu. So good. And when we were in Cape May, Nico made the best tofu I have ever had. It was yum. Could have eaten it for days.

    But see.. I am awful at it. So I need help in that department.


  14. Did you guys order from Mr. Chen’s? It’s good stuff, but I’d swear there was MSG in the seaweed soup (both my friend and I had allergic reactions to it).


  15. i tried the other night. it should have been easy…

    jar of punjab spinach sauce from trader joe’s
    cubed tofu

    this makes sense right? that’s all it should take, isn’t it?…

    but it came out all icky…

    so we had palak paneer instead…

    the story (as if there was any more to it) is HERE


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