New Couch

On Friday night I drank too much booze and spent Saturday wishing I had not. It sucked and I’m tired of feeling crappy the next day so the next time I start getting my drink on, I’m going to remember this comment. That’s all the time I’ll waste on that. We stayed in Saturday. I watched TV and Toby did computer stuff. Another person was shot in Ashland, Virginia and this is the first time I really believed it was just some wacko with a gun. What a big friggin wimp. Really. He drives 70 miles south to make his latest shot. A total wimp. Screw this guy already. The media walks around behind the camera worshipping that microphone interrupting Saturday Night Live to report NOTHING. But they report nothing OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The men all have hard ons and the women are jittery and wide-eyed fueled by a pathetic, school-girl excitement. They’re eating this up. The sniper is eating this up. And I grow to hate them more and more each day. The display is pornographic. It’s worse, actually, because they apply morals and tie fake emotions to it, as pornography does not. I wish the media would shut the hell up. Or at the very least, be honest about it. Chumps. On the lighter, more relaxing note, we got our new couch this weekend. Now we sit and watch TV comfortably indeed. I’ll have images in a few.


  1. Where are your pet roaches?! ;)


  2. Some of them drove to New Jersey to visit Freakgirl.

    It seemed under control as of late. Haven’t seen any living ones in a while. But then last night, I saw one running in the kitchen. We killed it dead. Man, I hate them bitches. :[


  3. Yes, the roaches arrived early Saturday morning and partied until dawn on Sunday. Crazy bastards.

    The movie we saw last night (Bowling for Columbine) talked a lot about America’s “culture of fear.” This whole sniper thing is a perfect example.


  4. If you think you’ve had too much to drink, have a Centrum and as much water as you can comfortably drink BEFORE going to sleep. It often makes a difference.


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