Brothel and Debra

I am reading Brothel. It’s (thus far) and excellent book about legal prostitution in Nevada. Well, last night I read a part about one of the prostitute’s husband. He answered the questions Alexa (the author) asked but admittedly had “issues” at times with the fact that his wife slept with other men every night. He has some problems with the fact that when she did return home, she had trouble wanting or having sex with him, (opted for cuddling and talking instead). Contrary to many other prostitutes at the ranch (whose “loved ones” are basically pimps) I get the impression he loves her very much and the relationship is merely a flipside to the ever so faithful women who stay with their cheating husbands. I took the jealousy aspect to bed with me. I had dreams about TobyJoe and a girl named Debra. He was getting very friendly with Debra and would wet his finger tips and try and (delicately) wipe off her freckles. She was tall and blond. I would pinch him every time he touched her freckles. It was so odd. So very odd. But I woke up feeling jealous. And he has been laughing and laughing. Telling me,

I have to call Debra.


Debra doesn’t do that. She’s perfect.

Good times. :)
This post is all over the place. But do pick up the book. It’s a great read.


  1. ha ha ha…glad to hear you and Toby have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Sounds like a great read.


  2. ha ha

    Well, let me tell you, if he meets a young lady here in DC named Debra, I’ll probably freak out. But, shhhhhhh don’t tell him. :)


  3. My name is Debra.

    I knew Toby was in love with me. ;)

    I love that you remember the details of your dreams – the freckle thing is so great.


  4. Tall and blond? Freakgirl?


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