Elevator use

We have the elevator at our new apartment building from 4-8 p.m. If anyone out there wants to help us, we will take you out for dinner at Loreal Plaza (or whatever you might like) after we are finished. We will get you drunk and let you sleep on our floor. Yes. Indeed. Wanna help?


  1. Which day? Saturday?

    I can help.


  2. I’m sweaty just thinking about it. I lift a box in your honor here in Detroit. uff-da.


  3. Missy, that would rule. We’ll totally get you drunk too. :) And we don’t have much stuff. I mean, boxes, yes but nothing really heavy. So no worries there. And we’re thinking (if Toby took only two hours alone to do it all) we can have it done in 1. I hope.


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