Joe and leaving

Have I mentioned that I am addicted to the Sopranos? Holy cow what a great friggin show. I can’t wait till the new season starts. It’s funny how one show can make you buy cable. (Do you buy cable? Do you rent it? I’m not sure). When we head south, I plan on getting cable. I think Carmella is the shit. What an amazing actress. It’s the first show since Sesame Street that I have to remind myself that they characters are indeed fake. Anyhow…

Last night we watched the 3rd season, disc two. Occasionally I would flip it to Fox to see how Kelly and Justin were doing. I was bored. I dunno. Those damn I-wanna-sex-you-up love songs, how lame. I don’t even really know who’s going to win, and at this point, just end already.

I think my boss knows. Either that, or he’s just avoiding me. I haven’t seen him in days. There have been manager meetings for hours on end and they all disappear for about 5 hours. Last night, I finally left him a message saying I needed to talk to him. We’ll see. We’ll see. I want this to be over with. He just showed…


  1. If you get cable, I’m so coming over every Sunday night.


  2. You happen to know how much it is?

    And, what internet provider do you use? And how much is it?

    You’re welcome to come over and watch with us. Indeed. :) We’ll bring the tv and the couch outside on our patio like true white trash.


  3. I’m not sure, since, uh, you know, I don’t officially have cable.

    Earthlink DSL. $50/mo. I think that’s what Jason uses, too.


  4. you may want to see if will do DSL there, i’m sure toby would appreciate a static IP…



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