Deep thoughts

Deep thoughts by mihow

Have you ever had every buddy signed on at once on AIM? hmmmmmmm


  1. So, you only have 1 buddy?

    ha ha ha ha (cough) ha ha ha.

    Just kidding. We heart Mihow.


  2. my buddy list is cluttered with people i haven’t talked to in the better part of two years in some cases…

    the girl i used to work with and went to dinner with a couple times who the last time i talked to was dating some guy who was married that she worked with after we had both moved to new jobs…

    people from “online projects” that never happened…

    people i don’t know but had names i wanted to keep track of (another “nifkin” and nifkin-related names)…

    so, i never have everyone on at once, but sometimes my buddy list will be mad crazy full and still have no one to talk to on it…


  3. Nifkin, you need to clean up your buddy list. I did it recently and it felt grand.


  4. How does one get on your buddy list? I’m assuming Yuppie isn’t there now! All those hurtful things he said about DC and all!


  5. no.

    hey is your homeboy nifkin the same nifkin running yay hooray? someone pointed out that people were dissing my (undesigned out of the box forum website) on there so i took a peek. nice site. real tight. hello nifkin if that’s you.

    anyway thats why i came back to haven’t been in a while. peaceout. you all.


  6. yes, i would be one and the same…

    but don’t say the “Y.H.” word around the mih0w, she gets all crankypants…


    as for dissing, i dunno anything about it, i just try to keep everyone civil and things organized. which is becoming increasingly difficult as of late…


  7. dissing?!? On YH? You don’t say? Well, that’s a shocker.

    I’m fine with the site now that I only visit when nifkin is being bashed by some 17 year old boy.


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