So toby and I were so excited last night talking about having an oven soon and making bread, biscuits and other
tening baked goods. I was thinking about plants and having a garden again… even if it’s small.

I’m going to join Netflix when we move.

And then he says,

I am going to get some magazine subscriptions

ooooooo!!! Me TOO!

I guess we’re going to finally have a normal life. We won’t have the view or the city to see and speak of, but we’ll have magazines and dvds, cable and plants. money and baked goods.
What magazines do you have delivered to your home? Tell me, I want to know. And what magazines would you like to have delivered to your home? I am surely going to get the New Yorker. And maybe Discover. hmmmmmmm


  1. Only one – Autoweek! The person I share the house with gets National Geographic.


  2. ooooooo!!! that’s a good one. Damn!


  3. I am a magazine whore. I get:

    Entertainment Weekly
    Nervy Girl
    Real Simple

    I am sick of Jane’s shit, though. And Real Simple is Real Boring.

    I also do the Netflix thing and I love it.


  4. Film Comment
    Scientific American


  5. Highlights for Children
    Food & Wine
    Men’s Health
    Java Pro
    Sunday NY Times (not a magazine but worth the subscription)
    T&L (Travel & Leisure) Golf
    A couple of other travel magazines


  6. I’m a girlie girl. I get Marie Claire, even if it’s the same article every month with a different title. At least they don’t lay down articles like Cosmo: “Trick your Man into Loving you!” (What’s up with that?)

    – My parents get National Geographic and wish I got it, right next to their People subscription.


  7. i get smithsonian magazine but i don’t usually end up reading most of them. i got the subscription for free when i was still working as part of a deal there…


  8. You people make me feel like the shallowest person on earth.


    Ah well.


  9. (I had to change my hat for this one – for those who can’t guess, it’s Yuppie)

    As a highly-trained biochemist (I’ve been published!), I think I have to advise against Discover. It always struck us scientist types as more poppish than informative. Either the topics weren’t all that exciting in reality, or they missed the most interesting aspects of it.

    If you can afford it – and keep up with a weekly magazine – the first few sections of Nature and Science are really good. Even your mom has read it!


  10. Do you get it? Do YOU?!

    I sometimes like Discover… I sometimes don’t. It just sort of touches most subjects… kinda “science for dummies” imo. And well, I am a dummy. :)

    K, not really. Maybe I’ll take you up on that suggestion, sweet yuppientist.


  11. Freakgirl, I may not have subscripions to stuff like Glamour and Marie Claire and Jane, etc, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t purchase magazine like that on a regular basis, because I do. I should really get a subscritpion, for example, to InStyle, because I enjoy it. I’m a magazine junkie, just like my mother before me.

    If I could afford it (and I really should just suck it up and do it) I’d subscribe to The Economist.

    As for the science magazine,s that depends on what you want out of science. An interesting read or an academic discussion. Nature and Science are a bit on the difficult side if you’re just looking for a casual read.


  12. I will have The Nation delivered, if only to giggle at Katha Pollit and smell the alcohol in Hitchens’ writing…


  13. I haven’t gotten a magazine in ages, and a few weeks ago I sent away for a free issue of Ready Made. It should be here soon. If I like it, I’m going to subscribe.


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