Band camp

There is a woman here… she started about a week ago. She just came over to me and said,

Has anyone ever told you you look like….

I looked at her and said,

This one time… when I was in band camp…

. She laughed.

My husband LOVES her.

A little while later, she says

I emailed my husband and he wants me to bring you home for the night. He said we’d return you tomorrow.

I think she meant “to play” (and not in a kinky manner). Still….
Dude. Is there a way I can cash in on this gift? I have a flute….
(That’s just wrong).


  1. There’s definitely a way. We had a celebrity Sophia Loren look a like come into our office once for one of those stupid “feel good” company meetings. I guess the raise I was supposed to get went to her. Pointless.


  2. “SAY MY NAME, BITCH!!!”


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