job qutting etc.

Last night we got home and made dinner. We watched the Sopranos (we are around the time where [I think] Pussy is going to be killed). Their son is going through this period of

What does this all mean? Why are we here?

And I actually watched an entire disk and didn’t hate Tony’s mother. At 9 I actually paused the DVD and watched American Idol. The normal stuff. I want Justin to go bye-bye. He is still creepy and so very boring. Nikki? Wait, she’s actually still there? And Kelly gave me goosebumps for two reasons, I am a massive emotional dork right now and I think she can sing. I don’t know… she’s damn good. Although last night she looked like Catherine Zeta Jones.
I read myself to sleep. Great night. Relaxing. And the weather outside is perfect. It’s cloudy and cool. I like days like this. I do.
How do we feel about peanuts? I really enjoy salted ones. But I think my favorite right now are the dry roasted. Indeed.
I’m nervous. I have to figure out a way to quit my job. Yesterday my boss said,

What’s this bit about you once playing softball? You any good? I’m going to put it in your job description that next year you play on our company team.


See I have been under the impression that since I began working here I was just steps from being let go or fired. No one has ever really given me any indication of job stability. In fact, almost the opposite, really. Hearing this came as a small shock. Oh well. :/


  1. Wow. That whole boss comment is crazy. But, then again, my boss sat our entire group down right before Christmas break and said that all of our jobs were secure and safe. And then on Jan. 10, 1 was laid off. So, boss’ have a really good way of completely bull shitting you. I hope you’re not doubting your decision.

    And Kelly on American Idol totally gave me goosebumps, too, and I don’t even watch the show. (I still have yet to catch a full episode) Maybe I’m turning into an emo.


  2. An offhand comment about involving you in softball is not an assurance of job stability—unless, of course, they found out you’re a really good softball player and take their softball really seriously ;)

    And undoubtedly your search for a different job was not solely precipitated by concerns about security.

    It’s easy to doubt a big change/decision (like buyer’s remorse). In May I quit a very insecure, very demoralizing job with a disintegrating company to return to a place I love working, and I STILL regretted it (briefly) after talking with one of the owners.

    It’s natural. Someone says something nice to you, makes you feel like part of the team, and you question the wisdom of your decision. Don’t sweat it and thow some post-its in your bag.


  3. You’re like that little voice reason…. you always spend a lot of time giving very thoughtful suggestions, answers, etc. I have no idea who you are, but I thank you for taking the time.

    I am a bit sad lately. You’re right about that. And I have to remember to live the life I have and not worry about how it seems etc. Often times I get caught up in what other people will think or how they will feel etc. I must remember that nothing is forever and that I can make any choice I want at any time.

    it’s just hard… leaving such a wonderful city. At the same time, saving money and feeling stable (I have found) is damn near impossible for me here.

    I’m babbling. Thanks again, though. You’re swell, jesus.


  4. And not to mention that softball skills are more appreciated here in DC, undoubtedly where you will be working as well.


  5. I want to take glass-blowing.

    Missy, there is an apartment available in Jason’s building starting October 7th. Should I take it? It’s his unit exactly, but it’s on the first floor in a courtyard. So there’s a patio. Great loca. Hmmmmmmm tempting. Must hear from Tobyjoe.


  6. Didn’t you already pay for the glass blowing?
    Don’t rush the apartment thing, but if you find the right one act!
    BTW, I’m sitting on my boat hooked up to a wireless connection waiting for the damn dealer to show up.


  7. How much is it? That’s a great space. And a patio? Sound pretty good.


  8. They are all now going for 1300. Which is affordable. Here’s the deal… there is an apt in Virginia (Arlington) for 1000 2 bedrooms. This one is 1 bedroom but it’s large and in the city. So what to do, what to do.

    I imagine, given the commute, we might end up spending nearly 100 a month anyway. hell, I don’t know. It’s a tough one.

    City or out. Hmmmmmm


  9. Well, you know my preference: city.

    That said, once you factor in the commute, plus any time you’ll be spending in the city outside of work, plus the non-monetary distance factor associated with living in Arlington (in other words, will you end up wishing you lived closer or in a place where you could walk everywhere, and do you think you will be more isolated there or is that what you prefer)…does that offset the $300 per month? I don’t know. I guess the thing is to rpioritize what you want out of your living space & location.


  10. Agree with Missy. Whenever we moved, I made up a list of must have’s, want’s, and don’t want’s. Did this while not under pressure and referred to it to help evaluate each property we looked at. You’d be amazed how well that works. There are always going to be some trade offs. Some parts of Arlington are neat and you can walk to stores, restaurants, etc. Robert should get in on this – or Mel. They are better equipped to discuss the “other side of the river.”


  11. My vote is for the large 1 bedroom in the city. I spent a year commuting 40 min. to and an 1 hr. 15 from work, and you don’t realize how stressful commuting (and traffic) is until you have a near breakdown.

    I figured I was spending $134 a month on gas, and refilling my tank twice a week. The money you save on that (or if you take the train, train fare) will be worth it. And your time is worth the price, too, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather be home relaxing on your porch, anyway?


  12. Is your work providing a transit subsidy if you commute by subway?

    Also, at Jason’s building, you’re like a 5-10 minute walk to the green line at Columbia Heights, which is about 4 or 5 stops away from your office.


  13. forget dc.

    bob has wireless connections on his boat.

    we can kick him off and live on it.

    he’d just end up crashing it one day anyway, and now that i know i don’t get sea-sick (i went as far into the ocean as 35ft deep, and the ocean can’t be much deeper, so i’m set!)


  14. I think you should live in the city. if you’re stuck out in the ‘burbs it will be hard to build or maintain a social network. also, a home feels much homier when you can wander outside and do the bulk of your “living.”


  15. even in greenpoint, our loft is a trap. once we decide to head home, we know we won’t go back out for anything.

    this leads to a certain fragmentation of your day, and makes you sort of resent your home.

    paying a lot leads to a different sort of resentment.

    i think jason’s place is the best idea, really, since it is in DC and close to everything, making it easier to get settled and to explore and hang out with folks… but there is a certain charm in a cheap apartment… though, i think, ultimately, i’d rather live in a house if i’m outside of DC.


  16. I am filling out the application as we write. I think it’s the best idea.

    Oh, and did I tell you it’s on the first floor in the courtyard? The guy I spoke with not only is the Dorchester house representative, he’s also a rentee. He LOVES it. LOVES it! He’s very gay. I like him. :)


  17. Uh-oh, look out Toby Joe. Looks like you’ll have some competition in that new apartment.


  18. Woohoo! Now you’ll be living a few blocks from me again, but in the other direction. You’re a hop & skip from 18th & Columbia.


  19. It’s so odd. Moving back there after two years here. I only feel sad late at night right before I fall asleep and in the morning. Otherwise it feels very good.

    I hope to get a better hand on DC this time around. When I left the last time, I felt that I wasn’t done yet. It’s so nice there. There is so much to do and see and take advantage of. It will be good. I feel good. :)

    That was an odd time in my life. hehe.

    Watch out, Adam’s Morgan. And maybe Pepper’s still has an old card of mine. ;)


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