Work… 2 weeks

What would you do?

Someone I know works at a place infamous for receiving a letter of resignation (the normal 2-week notice) and firing said person on the spot. Basically, there has only been one person who has been given the full two weeks. All the others were escorted out without pay.
This same person just accepted a new job but is not sure what to do as she would really like the 2 weeks of income which will most likely be taken from her. :) Any ideas?


  1. I didn’t think they could do that.


  2. Indeed. It’s messed up, but still. They do it all the time.


  3. I would tell your friend to:

    1. Not give them the 2-week notice (what have they ever done for your friend? nothing)


    2. If your friend has any vacation or holiday pay for the rest of the year, take those days immediately and then give notice.


  4. I think, legally, an employer can do that, unless it’s documented (I don’t suppose they provide employee handbooks) that they cannot (i.e. a breach of contract). Or if they’re blatantly discriminating, which I don’t think is the case.

    Looks like empirical evidence is on your friend’s side to take freakgirl’s advice.


  5. I actually know someone who had the same problem. So she quit on a payday and explained to her employers that she felt bad about it, but she had a new job and that she couldn’t afford to have given the 2 weeks notice (and get fired) because she needed the paycheck. Her employers couldn’t get too upset because of the way they had treated the other former employees.


  6. That exact scenario has crossed my mind. It’s nice to hear that she was honest with them. Someone at the place told her to give them three days. And only three days, as she would surely be let go the moment she says she’s leaving.


    How you been, stranger?


  7. An employee is obliged to give two weeks if requested, though. Although I wonder – can you take vacation days during those two weeks?

    You could always just work on ‘the Street.’ Here, we have absolutely no dilusions about our employer’s loyalty to us and we’ll cut and run at the snap of a finger in return.

    Two weeks notice? Ha! More like two minutes.


  8. Been good, mihow. Though apparently not as good as you! Vacations & DC – it’s all excitement over here, huh?


  9. You can take vacation days and be payed for them when giving your two weeks. That’s why a good company will pay you your vacation hours when you leave.

    When I left my last job, I gave two weeks and in return they gave me another paycheck that payed me for my vacation that I still had left.


  10. i always thought 2 weeks notice was sort of requirement of most places, or, i thought at the very least, a courteous thing to do, so they can do what they need to do to replace you. someone fireing you after you giving them notice is lame, tacky and childish, especially when they know you did’t have to tell them.

    if there is no worry of any bridges being burned…then to hell with them, and take some office supplies with you!

    defintely do tell them why you didnt give notice though on your last day. retribution!


  11. asked my step-
    her who works finding employment for veterans and such about this, and regardless of if they fire her or not, they HAVE to pay your friend their accrued time off…

    but NY is an “employer state” was how he put it which means they can hose yr friend about any other way under the sun that they feel like…


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