1. I’m sure, only New Yorkers know about this ad. It ain’t no Dr Zizmore but hell… it’s bad.


  2. HA HA HA

    Don’t you just hate when life makes you the butt of the joke?

    It’s like when you’re making fun of somebody, then trip over a tree root or start choking on a peanut or something.

    Instant karma.


  3. Well, we didn’t really miss the train, we just staged it. Pretty, huh? hehe

    I hate that advert. It’s like a bad car accident.


  4. But why are you so happy that you missed the train?

    And did you know that if you sit on the second floor, far side of the CPK on 60th street, you can sort of see in to Dr. Z’s office?! And he has tv shows, too!!

    Everytime I see that face, I think to myself, “That’s the face of a dermatologist who would advertise on subways.”


  5. Thank you, Doctor Zizmore!

    The joke never gets old, I tell ya.


  6. Thank you for improving my face!!

    Thank you for improving my LIFE!!

    I agree. Never. The rainbow. The fruit ACID peels. The strange porn-like, 70s style drawing on the right hand side. Super nice, indeed. I couldn’t TRY and produce something that hot. Really.


  7. wow, what the hell happened? I screwed up. Mihow, make it go away!

    What I meant:


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