Girl in locker room

Today, in the locker room, the strangest thing happened. I was standing near a woman. She was running parallel in the race to head back to work. We were on the hair drying part. She grabbed one hair dryer. I grabbed the other. She bent over to give her hair some body and as she did this, she started to cry. I mean really cry. I watched her face drop. It was as if some horrible from her chin only moved to the top of her mind as she bent over. It was the saddest moment of time I ever (barely) witnessed. She stood upright and it stopped. The tears, the look. Just stopped. I wanted to ask her if she was ok. I have been that way a few times in my life. I remember bursting into tears at a car rental place. The guy was confused, all he did was ask me if I could got back to the car and write down the mileage I left with and the mileage I returned with and tell me how much I used, and I burst into tears. I was so depressed back then. For about a month or two, this would happen. It would just happen. And I remember thinking it was never going to go away, that I would always feel this terrible sadness. And (obviously) it went away. But she seemed to be right there. And I wanted to give her a hug and say,

Whatever you’re feeling right now will eventually go away. And you’ll smile and laugh again.

And then I would sing the Mana-manah song and buy her a smoothie. I hope that girl was ok. She was pretty. She was young and she’ll be ok soon. I promise. There are too many sad people in the world. It breaks my heart every day. I hate it. We need to remember all the good people and the sad people when we’re angry. Let’s all be ok for a while.