Sick Day

I am writing from the Chopping Block. I stayed “home” sick today. I have nothing to do at work anyway and I drank too much beer last night with Doug. Spent the morning on the bathroom floor. It was not pleasant. It’s all better now. We had lunch at Veg City Diner where I had some Coke. Bubbles. Yum. We have no internet access at home. It’s sad. I have many photos and am unable to post them. Verizon = morons. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Ok, I should let Toby get back to work now.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that, Mihow. I would be lost without my connection at home.


  2. yes that sucks major ass. but i don’t need convincing that verizon are morons, when christie left NYC we were on the phone for two hours with 5 or so verizon people to get the bill transferred in my name….then that never happened ofcourse. and when I left NYC they almost wouldn’t let me cancel the account b/c it was in her name still. she ended up calling from holland to give permission. sigh.

    so whats the deal with your connection not being there for so long?


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