Human pet-peeve number 233: CLAIMING OWNERSHIP

What is this thing people do with claiming human ownership? Say you’re in a position of power, I don’t know why you’re there, but you are. And you refer to the “lesser forms” as yours. You refer to people as “My man” or “My guy”. It’s not right. You sound ridiculous.
Example below:

Tech Guy: I need to clear space in order to work with the server.

Person of power: Ok, I’ll have to get my guy to let you in to that room.

Person 1: Who can clear some space as well? Is there maintenance or something?
Person of power: Yes, but we have to wait. My guy who normally does this for me is out.

He’s not yours. He’s not anyone’s. Shut up.


  1. My people will call your people. Natch.


  2. I often get termed as “My assistant.” Fuck, my job description does NOT say anywhere that I report to you as your fucking assistant. So, don’t treat me as so.

    When I get older, I just have to remember this stuff too. Bleh.


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