I’m in a foul mood over Verizon DSL services. I wish I could write about anything else right now, but I really can’t. I’m finding it impossible to settle down at the moment. While I realize I have late payments, I have no idea how an online service provider can make it so damn near impossible to pay for service online. They have disconnected our “phone line” without warning. I spent all morning going from one operator to another. They don’t take check cards, only checks. Who carries a checkbook with them? I don’t. You can’t pay it online once the phone is disconnected. You can’t even sign in if your phone has been disconnected. They’re now saying we may need to repay all our starting fees and that it could be pricey. I asked why we received no email for the termination notice, they said,

Well, we tried to call…

And then Toby took matters into his own hands…
He is so much better with people than I am. I’ll front the cash if he wheels the deals. I’m really annoyed. Who needs the internet at home anyway? Right? I’m on edge. I just want it to be easier. And I don’t want them to call my DSL line to tell me they’re canceling my service. Stupid ninnies.


  1. Open your world to the wonders of automatic monthly deductions off of a credit card. And then have your credit card send you an email a week before the due date. No remembering ever again!


  2. You have that option? They claim they don’t take Credit Cards. I tried that. Or did you do this online? I have NEVER once been able to sign in on their website. Not once. I put my username and my password and it just keeps telling me Sorry. And then i click “forget password” and they ask for the user name and I put that in (which I know is right cuz I use it for my service) and it just keeps giving me that page over and over again.

    It’s really annoying.


  3. Why can’t they send an email? Why would they call me? I just don’t get it. If you have that much money and you employ and support that many customers and you wipe out or buy ALL the competition, should you NOT have it figured out? I mean really. My credit card company has it figured out. My ATT wireless is great. I NEVER have a problem paying those bills.

    I’m so frustrated.


  4. I have Verizon, and can pay by ATM card over the phone, will they not let you do that either?
    They have never once called me before shutting the line off.
    A long time ago..they used to do that, when they where interested in keeping their customers happy. I think those days are gone.
    As silly as I think Verizon is though, Bell is 10x worse. I have a great many horror stories with them and a bad roommate.


  5. Nope. No atm. No option to plastic at all. Maybe it’s a NYC thing? Who knows. They really do make it hard, if you’re not into the “old fashioned” way of sending checks.

    And frankly, I’ll admit, I’m lazy when it comes to snail mail. :/


  6. I really do think that your greatest picture is the greatest picture in the world. Thanks for letting me see that toby still hasn’t changed at all really, well at least as far as I can tell.


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