Nifkin arrives

It’s nearing 8 am. I am waiting for Toby to get out of the shower. I haven’t left for work yet. The river is a blood brown. (I won’t make you go through a description). I took a picture and once I’m reunited with the download cord, I shall let you see for yourself. Nifkin is here for a few days. He’s in our last empty room. I was thinking that it’s sort of nice having another roomate so I hung a no vacancy sign out front. We’ve decided to not allow nifkin to leave, ever again. He will not be returning to Annapolis, Maryland. It’s simple. Last night we went to Planet Thailand. Chris met us and we all ate fake meat products and the like. I had a few beers. Yum. I took them down to Union Pool after that. At 10 I went home to find Toby again. The weather is perfect now. I am going to enter it and head off to work. Make it a good mta day.

::crosses fingers::


  1. On a completely unrelated note, I am listening to “In Our Gun” by Gomez and I love that song. It strangely seemed to suit the decription of a bloodred river in New York.


  2. but if you keep him who will pick me
    up at the airport?!


    give him a BIG WET KISS from missouri


  3. hehehe

    we’ll return him to you. :)

    Wait, why aren’t YOU HERE?!


  4. bah, you ain’t missin much. Last year, the thing was silly. In fact, I’m not even going. I think we’re going to cook dinner and watch the commentary on Chasing Amy instead. :)


  5. i would like everyone to know that i have escaped from the handcuff that held me too toby’s weight bench/gaay sex machine. it only cost me one hand and i never used the left one anyway. I WILL MAKE IT OUT OF HERE!


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