1. 2 things:

    -where did you say the picture of the guy masturbating on the L was? lol.

    -I hereby give everyone the right to shoot me if I ever do a comb over, what is the deal with combovers?! (that would be a good seinfeld joke I bet)


  2. Sounds like an excuse even before I write it and I was so annoyed I didn’t have a the ability to capture the act on film however, my camera battery died last night directly following the comb-over at dinner. And I forgot to plug it in last night so it’s recharging now.

    So, go figure, some guy masturbates on the subway the one day I don’t have my camera. And I was going to hang that guy up for the world to see, damn!


  3. I for one am relieved that you did not post a picture of a man masturbating on the subway. It’s just something I don’t want to see this early in the morning.

    Blogger is dead today. No posting for Freakgirl.


  4. Yes, I imagined one might develope a stutter after said picture.

    And really, I would NOT post something like that, I am already frightened of the search strings I have. Gotta try and keep it even sort of clean. :/ Have to be honest. I wish I could abort the memory.

    And I’m sorry to hear that freakgirl. I keep checking.


  5. Uhm yeah..I was totally joking about a picture of said act. Although I have a feeling that it would’ve been here had the battery lived.
    :- {}


  6. yaya, blogger is back.

    not like i had much interesting to say.


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