Logo and rental car

I must stop spending money. Ouch. I just returned the rental car and all those hidden charges surprised me. But it was worth it. The trip was worth it. I need to remember we paid nothing for hospitality. Dropping so much money at once shocks me. Though rent has been paid, bills have been paid, I have nothing left now, but that’s ok. Money sucks. I wish it weren’t necessary.

I finally turned in some logos someone asked me for about a month ago. Before I met Toby I think I worked every waking hour (including weekends). When I wasn’t at work, I was freelancing for clients. When I wasn’t freelancing, I was at work. That life (though full of cash) wasn’t so fulfilling. Anyway, I fell out of practice when I met Toby and watched the world trip over a day in the fall. These days I guess I ain’t so good at the freelance and more so searching for smiles and joy. And though my intentions on finishing a great logo are there, I tend to put it off… put it off. It’s done. I hope he doesn’t totally hate them.


  1. Hmm… the rental car was returned and, damn, I still have half a room full of junk.

    It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m still going to give you hell for it. Heh heh…


  2. OH DAMN!


    I’m sorry. We’ll rent again. I intend on trashing most of that anyway. You might as well start doing so. I won’t know the difference. :)


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