Someone here asked me where I got the stickers (on my arms) from.


  1. Only if they were stickers!!!!!



  2. i met another girl last night w/the horn of trystero tattooed on her

    im beginning to get scared

    what if pynchon didn’t make that shit up?!


  3. They are itchy. I want to bit them but I can’t. I want to scratch them but I can’t. I want to make mosquitto criss-crosses but I can’t.



  4. Mosquito criss-crosses are the best!!! Pain and satisfaction, all at once. Ahh! But I don’t have any bites yet, so no criss-crosses for me.

    I sound like a sadomasochist.


  5. I know, right?

    sounding lika a sadomasochist ain’t nothing no wrong with that, hon.


  6. I once itched at the scab on the tattoo on my arm, and a big piece fell off and it was gross and I ended up with a blank spot that I had to get re-inked a year later.


  7. fucking jersey and pa yankee weiners – let me tell you all something:

    You SCRATCH an itch.
    ‘Itch’ is not a verb.

    Now get me a sweet tea and bourbon and you better keep your damned Pepsi, integrated schools, and snow away from me.


  8. You shall be itching your ass when I’m done whippin you boy, damn rebel yell, honkey humper.


  9. Actually Toby, I originally wrote “scratched at the scab,” and then realized that it would truly piss you off if I wrote “itched” instead.

    So I did. So ass you! :)


  10. “scratched the scab” that’s good stuff.

    ass him, indeed. ass him. ass him all the way back to Georgia. ass him outta new jersey. ass him in a boat. ass him, indeed. ass the dickies right off him.

    don’t mess with Jersey TobyJoe, did the mullets not hint to anything? fear jersey. fear.

    I’m not sure what the hell I’m talking about any more.

    shuttin up.


  11. can anyone hook you up w/that prescription itch cream?

    shit. whats that called? it begins with a b__

    i might have some left somewhere


  12. jon, the medicine for your venereal diseases are BAD for tattoos.

    a tattood limb needs simply to recover from the trauma of having thousands of puncture wounds made and foreign compounds forced into them.

    your bumps and itches and leakings and burnings have no relation.



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