Weekend stuff

(Here’s my attempt at a normal post). This weekend we saw Minority Report I won’t go on and on about this and I will sum it up in one sentence The movie would have been better if directed by someone other than S. Spielberg or if he had been told he had a (realistic) budget and they removed the giant spoon from his hand first. On Saturday, we set out to ride our bikes to Coney Island for the Mermaid Parade only to find me a flat tire in the middle of the ghetto. We walked the bikes to the G train, rode it back home, changed both tires and left again. We left home after the parade had ended but rode to Coney Island any way. The boardwalk was so jammed pack, full of inebriated people, stumbling around half-naked, we stayed for about 5 minutes and headed for dinner instead. (I have pictures).


  1. We may see Minority Report tonight. I’m glad you didn’t spoil me, but I bet I know exactly what you mean about Steven Spielberg. He goes way overboard on the obvious wastes of money. Too shiny, too big, too much.


  2. there is some out-of-nowhere SLAPSTICK in that movie that had me screaming at the screen.

    be prepared for extreme goofiness.


  3. Screaming in horror or with joy? Good or bad? My guess is probably bad.


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