Car Volvo Yum

Volvo. Brown. Yum. I am seriously considering buying this car off of Ebay (well, at this point, directly from the seller. We’ve done a lot of emailing over the past veiw days). If this works out I could possibly puke from excitement. It’s a good deal. It’s brown. It’s a Volvo. The guy loved the car. It’s old. It has a sun roof. There are round headlights. I want it to be mine. Yes. I am sort of giddy with even just the idea. And I promise to still ride my bike to fix my sinking ass. :)


  1. Good luck! I hope it works out! I was too chicken to use Ebay to buy a $20 Dell PII motherboard…the exact one I need…and then it was gone and I can’t find one anywhere. I’m really sorry now. Now what’s a girl with a PII with a blown motherboard to do? Eh.


  2. you know which p2 mobo?

    i’m staring at one right now – it might be broken though. the computer it was in acted all funny and unstable after a lightning storm/power brownout – so i replaced it for a friend.

    and its just sitting here, getting dust

    my friend sam had the best volvo. he offered to sell it to me for $1500. i regret not buying it ever since (his parents bought him a new car as a graduation gift)

    his volvo was the old family sedan.. it was beige, with these 2 yellow/black racing pinstripes on the side. i think it was like an 81 model or something.

    he used to pick up so many girls with it.

    he’d come out from the supermarket, and he’d find phone numbers tucked under the windshield or girls would be out there waiting to see who drove it off. i didn’t believe him at first, then he was just ‘lemme show you’

    and damn. it happened.

    amazing, amazing car.


  3. Dell Dimension XPS 233 PII motherboard. Is that what you have?

    Anyway, I know of a few second-hand parts shops in the city I can go to and look around and possibly get some advice, but I just haven’t bothered. I want to get the computer working for my sister.


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