Down and Out

I am reading Down and out in Paris and London now. It’s very good. But I have discovered something entirely too annoying about myself. I am only on page 43 and the title pretty much sums up the book (at least during these early stages). A guy (George Orwell) talking about being down and out in Paris and London and he speaks of living on 20 francs a day or that something cost him 200 francs or that he spent 1000 francs on a prostitute. And each time I think,

Hmmmmm how much is that?

And then I read on and never really figure it out. And it’s been about 4 years since I went to Paris or London (though the book hasn’t gotten to London yet) so my conversions are rusty (if there at all). Am I that lazy that I won’t find the answer before finishing the damn book? My translation is this,

Well shit, if he’s ‘down and out’ 20 francs, well that’s gotta be like… nothing

while I scratch my ass, eat a not dog and drink a bud. Does anyone know this off the top of their head? Convert me please.


  1. 20 francs equals $2.87 US. Of course the franc is no longer! It is Euros now. It equals 3.05 Euros. Now that prostiute cost him about $144.


  2. Damn. I spend that before I wake each day. Poor lad.

    That’s one cheap prostitute. Then again, this is an older book. We must take into consideration inflation.


  3. Inflation? Is that anything like Viagra?


  4. holy cow. i guess it could be.

    ok that’s funny.


  5. yeah, keep in mind that this is long, long ago – from when bob didn’t need ‘inflation’


  6. one US dollar is just under 7 French francs… since the franc is effectively obsolete since the adoption of the EURO, one US dollar is exchanging at about 1.05 EUROs now… I was married to a girl from Paris for some time and spent a lot of time in France, but don’t trust me… look for yourself at (currency exchange calculator)… ciao


  7. thank you, clayton. :)


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