Please note: I am not walking out. But is there anything more liberating than doing just that? Some guy (who has been here for over 4 years) just walked out. Said,

I can’t take it any longer.

and left. I can’t ever do shit like that. As soon as I hit the pavement, I would probably start drooling, fall to the ground in terror and anxiety and just give up all together. End up a pancake or something.


  1. I bet he left because of the toilet.


  2. You could do it. I’ve done it. Not for a long while, now that I’m supposedly a responsible adult, but when I did do it, it was fun.

    In a total reversal, once my boss at AT&T had a hissyfit and fired me on the spot. I just went home and then showed up the next day as if nothing had happened, and she never said another word about it.


  3. ha ha ha!

    Holy cow. That’s funny.


  4. Yeah, she was kind of nuts. I loved her, though. She was just so misplaced, this big huge horsey BRILLIANT woman stuck in a corporation full of stoopid white men. She just didn’t know how to behave.

    She’s a bigwig at Qwest out in Arizona now.


  5. Truth is I did walk out once. It was my first job in DC. Many many years ago. The woman was a tyrant. She hated me from the get go. I didn’t care for her much either. Anyhow, she called me into her office during my second week and gave me this whole “Some times you are in a relationship and you think you like someone and you find out that you just don’t and it could be the sex, the mind whatever but you just find out it doesn’t work and you think it might be time for a break. I am feeling that way with you. Take this as a warning.”

    I went home that night and talked to a friend for a while and in the end decided that it wasn’t worth it.

    Next day, I laid my keys on the conference room table, told her I was “leaving her” and went and saw the movie “Sliding Doors” (Oddly, the film had a lot of parallels at the time).


  6. You should have said, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

    hee hee. You did the right thing.


  7. the first place i worked one of the guys there had a whole plan for how he was going to quit…

    he was going to make a little like post-it note looking thing in photoshop that explained how much he hated the place and how poorly managed it was and set it as his desktop picture, dead in the middle of his screen. then go out to lunch and never come back…

    this was also the same person who taught me that when moving offices you keep your personal stuff in a seperate box that you “just haven’t gotten around to unpacking yet” so when you want to do the above you don’t have to sort out where all your stuff is…


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