I’m sort of tired—having trouble keeping mind. This jumbled mess, whirlwind of messy thought and half bitten sentences come to the tip and then give up, drop to throat and sit there (lumpy). You might wonder if it’s worth it, if creating a habit is worth it, as most habits (come past) created you. And you might think that (on certain days) when you’re not reflecting quite as well as you should be, you might just throw in the towel (sewn to speak). And you might wonder about whatever it is you’re doing and whether it ever sit near words like “good” or “worthy” or “thought-provoking” in any lasting manner other than whatever lies beneath the rug after broom assumes position and deems habit’s left overs. And you might just run home and watch tv and wait for tomorrow to decide for you. I wonder if I play an active roll in all of this or if I’m just stuck rut, cut out to fuck up.

(Right? Well, who cares).

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  1. I will buy ice-cream.
    You can use some. Trouble keeping minds are not naturally so. Optimism is laughably important.


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