It’s Saturday morning. I have me some coffee, some lemon water, an english muffin and some pajamas. Toby still doesn’t feel very well, so we rented the entire third season to Sex and the City. We have one dvd left to watch. That’s 3 hours. Upon finishing that, I think I will take a miniature bike ride. It’s super clear out today. I can hear more than usual. Even the sound wants to travel further. (Today). There are sirens


and then more sirens


and car horns


. We don’t have any neighbors and unless you have a telescope, you can’t see into our loft. I have often wondered if people do watch (sometimes) through aided eyes and if they do, I wonder if they can see me with a smile (right now), my cats standing on the sill, and my blue slipper covered feet. I am happy. It is Saturday. (Please note:



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