Where is alias guy. I want to understand the show 24 now.


  1. ok. so i read some of that. makes more sense now. Thank you, miss fountain of information.

    And thought I am sure it’s on that site somewhere I have another pregunta

    do you think they’ll have another 24 hours next season with a new guy?


  2. I heard they wanted to do that, but Keifer Sutherland wants to stay, so it will probably continue the same story. I’ve only seen one episode. It was okay. My sister is a big fan, though.


  3. oh, and….”pregunta?”


  4. Here I am. At lunch. Working.

    I never saw 24. Seemed like you’d have to make a commitment to that show. Plus, superficially, I’d rather see Jennifer Garner than Keif.

    The one show I don’t see very often but I like is CSI. Plus, they’ve got a new CSI spin-off next year in Miami with David Caruso!(?) Takes me back to the unintentional hilarity of Crockett & Tubbs in the 80s.


  5. Agree on the CSI comments. Wife and I both enjoy it and the spin-off pilot was good as well(in and updated Miami Vice kind of way).
    A sports board I frequent has had several posters comment on 24 being one of the best shows on TV.


  6. Have you seen JJ and Mr. Pickles?

    great show.

    I love love love all the law and order shit. I have no idea why I’m so sucked in. My favorite is the Sunday night one, however. So good.


  7. OK, I’ll bite. What the hell is JJ & Mr. Pickles?

    Law & Order rules. I don’t like the SVU because those sex crimes creep me out. I do like the Sunday one – that’s a little like CSI.

    The orginal L&O was better about 5 years ago. Supposedly they don’t pay anything (relatively, I guess) so that’s why they have so much turnover.


  8. it seems like law and order is ALWAYS on some channel. sometimes they are new, soemtimes they are not. what’s important here is to remember that it is always on.


  9. s’ok

    i think the ONLY person that might get that is Toby. :)

    I’ll tell you soon, if Freakgril doesn’t pop in with the answer first.

    I like to watch.


  10. you are so right, resa. They are always on.

    I find it funny that something might happen and I’ll be like,

    Yeah! Like we saw on….. ummmmm…. one of the Law and Order shows. Or wait… was it the Practice? Was it Philly? Oh, was it that show about the paramedics? Was it NYPD? Whatever, it was on something having to do with death and court.”

    It takes like a half an hour to figure it all out. There are so many, so so many.


  11. Ok. Very good. Anything Estrada is very funny. If you include chimps or roller skates it’s even better.

    Speaking of CSI (well, I was), the star of the show was also the star of the prequal to Silence of the Lambs – Manhunter – directed by Michael Mann during his Miami Vice phase. It also starred Brian Cox (aka Dr. Guggenheim of Rushmore) as Hannibal Lecktor. And it’s being remade (as Red Dragon) with Ed Norton as the lead.

    It’s all connected.

    Now I’m going back to work.


  12. i’m not going back to work. i’m just going to change the subject. did anyone see the finale of scrubs in tuesday? it was old school. i liked it. (note: i don’t actually know what i mean by “it was old school,” it just seemed appropriate there)


  13. I am having trouble working… today…

    I did not. but I love that show.

    Ok, now you just must explain what you mean by “old school” even if you don’t really know what you mean, make something up.

    Is that show returning?


  14. i kinda know ‘nina’ on 24 (keifer’s assistant/the mole)

    she used to live above my cousin and i in the east village. i know her brothers really well. they’re swell folks. one of them has a band. not a very good one i think, but nice guy. he had a cd release party last summer, and she brought some of her friends. oddly enough, one of her longtime friends is an old college pal of mine – some crazy actresss that transferred to my school and lived next door to me for a year. i, of course, scared her off, and she dropped out. no one saw her again.

    until she bumped into me at that party. she was moving back to la a week later, just when i was going on vacation out there. we hung out a few times, and i think she started dating my friend dan the magician. neither of them will comment on what may or may not have happened.

    anyways, nina is really hot. she was in some vw commercials too. everyone teases swope (her brother, and that is his real name) that is sister is hot, and when is she gonna get naked on camera.

    that makes him mad. but he’s an ibanker, so he’s a wuss.


  15. was dan dan the magic man mad?

    And I met Alice Cooper in a parking lot. (That sounds dirty. It wasn’t, it was the parking lot of a radio station. McDonalds shared the same parking lot. I like breakfast sandwiches).

    LA is sort of sad. I don’t know why. I love the weather, but it made me kinda sad.


  16. la can be sad, if you don’t know how to have fun there

    some places its easier to find your own place

    in la its harder, but the weather makes it more rewarding

    dan wasn’t mad. hes just very secretive about these kinds of things. no one knew he had a girlfriend when he was on tour in japan, then this japanese girl knocks on his door one day and says ‘hi danny cole!’


  17. i’m not clear on why i said that. i was thinking of the fact that during the finale (which i will now very carefully not give away) there were some points that were laugh out loud funny, actually laugh out loud, not almost. and that made me think of how the show was at first. but it hasn’t been around long enough for that to be old school. plus i’m not really confident that it stopped being that funny at any point.
    i’m well aware that it makes no sense, i’m sorry.
    as far as i know it will be back in the fall. and the characters will all be residents, not interns, which is exciting.


  18. never ever ever apologize on here for not making sense.

    you can give away the ending, I won’t mind. I’ll watch it regardless.

    If others mind, I’ll buy them all cola and fruit roll ups.


  19. cola AND fruit roll ups??? mihow rocks.

    the finale was that:

    dr cox’s ex-wife reveals all the secrets everyone has been hiding all season. like that she slept w/ jd and that elliot still has feelings for jd and dr cox is in love w. carla and turk knows that he is. etc.

    that was at the very end. after she said all that they actually had a bit more of everyone sitting there, very uncomfortable, then they all ran off in various embarrassed huffs. it was fairly well done.
    plus, the janitor was nice to jd and he didn’t know what to do. as you can see, i was/am entirely too excited. right before the show came on, i had been bitching about the lack of decent season finales this year, and i was expecting total crap from scrubs. hence, excitement followed the noncrap ending.


  20. So far I (oddly) feel that Ally McBeal had a very tasteful, modest finale.

    I almost thought, “I’m going to miss this show.”


  21. i was never into ally mcbeal, so i missed the finale. it always seemed too time consuming of a show, i don’t know why. is it an hour long?
    do you know what i am doing, i am so bored? i am looking up movies i really really like on rottentomatoes.com and reading the bad reviews and getting all pissed. seriously.
    then, recently, my computer froze (exciting). plus one of my bosses recently called to see if i could “find something on his desk for him” that was mysteriously not there. ok, i’m sure that’s why he called….


  22. If anyone says anything good about Donnie Darko, let me know, I’ll go in and fuck some shit up with you.


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