Ok so maybe if I talk about it, it will come out and I can then kill it. I have something tucked between the cartlidge and the skin on the tip of my nose. There is nothing to see, no visible little monster. But I have a blinding, tear-jerking pain every time I touch my nose. It’s horrible. And I know there is something in the tip waiting to take over and eat my head. And I think it’s a zit of some sort. But I don’t know. It hurts me up all bad and shit. Aurgh!
As marsha once said,



  1. It’s probably a zit. I had the same thing about 2 months ago. It’s an unbelievably searing pain for something so stupid.

    My advice? Stop touching your nose.


  2. DAMNIT!! I CAN’T!!

    It’s like that lose tooth… you know?


  3. or loose.

    fuck it.

    i’ve reached my post max.


  4. stop. touching. your. nose.

    Just remember, every time you touch it, it will still hurt.


  5. I’ve got the same sort of thing, but behind my ear. It’s a very small zit, and it’s wedged in tight in that liitle crack behind my ear where the cartilege turns into the rest of my head. i don’t have to touch it. There is already constant pressure there. Damn and fuck.


  6. Welcome to Mihow.com, the home of Girls Sharing Too Much Information. :)


  7. ha ha ha

    ok, about 20 things came to mind (instantly) in response to that. Of said 20, I typed out 5 and erased all of them entirely.

    (Can you imagine?)


  8. we could have “girls post anonymously day” and just run with it. However, there are many more lurkers than there are posters so people might figure it out quickly.

    So, ok, nevermind that would not work.


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