sick day draws to an end

My sick day has come to an end. I will now attempt to ride the orange bike (with no wheels) up to where Manhattan Avenue meets Greenpoint to meet a one Tobyjoe. And you might call this said point “The Pollack Triangle” as it is a special place where if you hang out too long you might never be seen again. I once had a guy who worked for the local car service say,

You’re at THAT corner? I don’t normally pick people up from that corner. But since you’re a girl and it’s late, I will.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against my very own heritage, however these polish puppies stand around drinking the harshest of liquor (mad dog, 20/20 style). They tell jail tales, stories about shitting, they whoop, they holler, they hoot, they tell you you have the finest two asses that side of the east river. They say so through their slobbery lips and their bloated drunk eyes. And they say other things I can’t decipher. It’s not really dangerous, just sort of run down and chaotic. They do not play by the rules. I’m not even sure they know them anymore.


  1. correction: that corner? It’s not so bad. It’s very harmless during the day. I guess they only come out at night. They do.


  2. Oh no!! Pogrom corner!!
    I’ll have to run home screaming about the pope to aviod the rope!

    They are Polish, I expect all they want is a drink and some hanging meat. I’ll take mugging money to manhattan and some salami to greenpoint.

    Wait that sounded all wrong.


  3. Don’t forget the Canadian part of your heritage madam howley.


  4. I swear to christ I’m not trying to be a snot, but I read that post over and over again trying to figure out what in the hell Jackson Pollack had to do with a corner in New York City. I finally realized that you were talking about Polacks.

    And now that I’ve typed it, I’m not sure how to spell it either.


  5. Well damn! Ain’t that so telling of a Polack.

    I still have no idea how to spell it god damnit. :)

    Freakgirl, never worry about correcting my spelling or grammar. I am so terrible at this. It’s nearly embarrassing.


  6. Jackson Pollack was POLISH??
    hmm…..who knew?


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