Help for Rob

I do not know the answer to my brother’s question. Then I figured, why not post the e-mail and see if anyone out there knows the answer to this question.

Melissa and I bought two etchings from an Irish artist named Stephen Lawlor. It was our big purchase on the honeymoon, well those and the crystal wine decanter we bought. Anyway, the one etching is number 250 of 500 or something like that but the other one says A/P. Does that stand for artist’s proof and does that mean it is one of a kind or is it just the original etching?

Help a brutha out and I’ll give you some of my tea. Here is the link to the gallery in case you’re intersted.


  1. Artist Proof prints…A/P
    Common practice is that 10 to 15 percent of an edition is reserved for the artist. These proofs are identical to impressions in the edition in most instances. Print Marking example; A/P “1/35” is the first print of an edition of 35 Artist Proof impressions.


  2. Thanks, Michael. I think my brother went home for the day but I’m sure he’ll be very pleased with this info. :)

    Thanks again!


  3. thanks for the info.


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