Mother's day

And it’s all still here just as I left it last night. We’re going to rent some movies and get bagels and coffee. And talk to the Goth Girls at the Garden (which is the name of my second full-length album by my punk rock band, Beef Molecule). Today is mother’s day. Happy mother’s day, Mom. (I am not a mother). Happy mother’s day nice people out there with kids. Last year I spent hours downloading songs from Napster (r.i.p.) on a dial-up. I made cd for my mother of the family’s greatest hits from whenever I could remember, up until now. There were the Mama’s and the Papas, George Burns, and Hank Williams Jr. There was some Elvis, some “Ain’t no one gunna breaka my stride”, some “Baby Face” and some R.E.M. It was quite fun. This year, I had no creativity.
(Happy Mother’s day, Mom).


  1. I don’t know, is it?


  2. it’s working. there are still bugs. yes, bugs.


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