Mom's day gift

I just walked down to drop off my laundry (yes, I am lazy and I pay someone to do it for me) and the guy who weighs the clothing was all sweet and quiet and stuff. He wrote me out a slip of paper telling me my total and when I should pick it up and smiled again. And then he said, “Hold on.” And walked into the other room and came back with this and said, “Happy Mother’s day.”

(Thanks! So sweet of you and oh yeah, ASS YOU!)



  1. Oh wow. That’s some tacky goodness right there!
    We had mothers day earlier this year but i think i will call my mother anyway :)


  2. British Mom’s have a different day? Wow. Cool. I want “middle child day” yes. that’s right. Middle Child Day.


  3. I have eldest child day everytime i go round there, it consists of lots of soup (yum) and comments about my shoes.


  4. what about your shoes? What about your shoes, danny? are they funny? are they curled at the toes? Tell me about your shoes.


  5. My shoes always upset my mother – either they are too flimsy and it’s winter and ‘Darlink you schould rrrrreally get besser schoes” or they are too heavy “Darlink, vhy ar you vearing those big schoes! It’s hot und you know zey ar makink yor feet schtink”

    I fail mothers shoe test always

    (Yes she has a strong eastern european accent)


  6. eastern europe, eh…

    i smell a commie…


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