47 and Prime.

I have a thing for odd numbers. I have an even bigger thing for prime. I see them as the purest of all the infinite, divisible by 1 and themselves, it doesn’t get much cleaner than that. So I have arbitrarily high hopes for this trip around the sun.

Last fall, we were told the kids would return to in-person school on 1/29/21. Instead, they have the day off from Zoom school. Which is weird. And I’d love to take them somewhere and make them do what I love (hike; go for a run along the Potomac; visit the Montgomery County dump) but it’s roughly -45 degrees today with wind gusts of up to 39 mph and while I’m ok with extreme weather, I am not ok with incessant whining which has been the soundtrack lately. So that’s not happening. 

Chances are they will further rot in front of screens and I’ll nervously stack shit. I am good at making piles of things that sit on other things until I run out of things that look ok stacked. I am a good stacker. I make nice piles. And things that don’t stack, they eventually end up in the dump. 

Mostly I just wish we didn’t have so much stuff to stack. I feel bad for all the stuff that can’t be stacked and the dump that will become its home. 

After a person reaches a certain age, any gifts gifted should be required to turn to poo. Since the dump is already way too crowded, gifts shouldn’t be stackable, they should be digestible.

So, I will eat sushi.

Tomorrow, we’re going indoor skydiving and then to see two of my oldest friends (in 3D, but from a distance); people I haven’t seen in well over a year and I know blue balls aren’t a thing but what about blue arms? I’m already frustrated by the inability to execute tomorrow’s hug. 

(What am I on about?)

Last year, all things said, wasn’t the absolute worst year on record but it also wasn’t the best. But since this one is prime and it’s already been deduced as much as possible in the minds of humans, there’s nothing left for me to do but see how this one plays out. And I’m cool with that. 

There’s no more stacking to be done with this one. 

But I *am* a good stacker.

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