1. So, so sorry to hear this. We had to euthanize our Clyde, who was only about 10 years old but had a brain tumor. It was heartbreaking. I sobbed so much that I couldn’t speak to the vet. This furry beasts get in our hearts, don’t they?



  2. We said goodbye to our 19 year old orange friend two weeks ago. One of the most difficult things I’ve been through. Never seeing them again, never having them near while the ball game is on, everything. It’s heartbreaking. Thank you for telling your story.



  3. I just read your post on Alphamom and cried for your family’s loss. I’m so sorry to read of his passing.

    It’s been 6 years, but we still miss and mourn our crazy and amazing character of a cat, Max. Even though my son was only 3 when he passed, he still feels connected to him and honors him as his most special pet ever. Sending you all the best.



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