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NYC Will Consider Ban On Disposable Plastic Straws

Incidentally, my kids often become annoyed with me whenever we go out to eat and I ask the waiter to skip the straw. They roll their eyes and say, “But Moooooooom, we like straws! Why can’t we have a straw!?” And then I pull up awful images of piles of plastic washed up on our beaches and images of animals having straws removed from their airways. And my kids sorta stop whining for a bit.

Sometimes Toby gets upset with me because kids shouldn’t necessarily see these things. But I disagree. They are the future, after all; they will inherit this mess. And I don’t show them anything too graphic; I don’t intend to scar the poor bastards; most of the images and videos I show them have happy endings. For now. ;]

But the truth is, we are absolutely destroying our oceans. All single use plastics should be banned. Everywhere. And I explain to them what that means. Basically, every single time they order a new drink, they also get a new straw, that’s absolutely unnecessary.

Anyway, I have ranted about this dozens of times and I can become so angry, I run out of words and just sit there silently stewing. But we need to change, my fellow humans. If not for the creatures we share this wonderful planet with, we need to change for future generations. And if you don’t care about future generations, then you are a monster.

OK. I’m done. Thanks for listening.

Stay tuned next week when I cover: deli bags, Ziploc, water balloons, birthday goodie bags, and disposable razors! (Not really. All the Xanax in the world couldn’t get me through that post.)


  1. I am with you, and I’m sure you’ve already thought about this, but just in case: get some colorful metal straws! Yes, it means that you need to carry them with you when you are out and about, but who doesn’t love their own personal straw? OK, perhaps I am strange there….


    1. Not at all. Toby discussed doing this for the boys. And I think I have become organized enough with three kids to make this happen, quite honestly. It only took 10 years of raising kids and carrying diapers and bottles and wipes, but I think I could make sure to always have their special straws with me.


  2. Question: What about disabled people who need them?


    1. Excellent question and one that was discussed at great length on The Brian Lehrer show recently. And I agree with what one of the callers suggested which is that people should adapt. The caller had severe allergies and said she adapts to fit the environment instead of asking that the environment change to suit her needs. So, perhaps people could bring straws along with them. (Our family does this now.) OR cities could pass a law making it mandatory that restaurants carry them for handicapped individuals. Or both. But I don’t think that we should avoid change. It’s a workable problem. I think. it’s time to adjust our lifestyle.


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